Lovely piece from A Spoonful of Sugar on Maltby Street Market. Maybe we can sell our arancini there!

A Spoonful Of Sugar

I love a good food market. When I first moved to London 13 years ago (gulp!) the place to go was Borough Market but over the years it has become more and more popular and therefore busier and busier. If you go any later than 11am, you will spend the entire time having your ankles rammed into by buggies, or having your eye taken out by a huge camera lens belonging to an over-eager tourist with a food blog. (yes, that’s me when I’m on holiday but its mighty annoying when its on your own home turf).  Its just a bit stressful.

Saying that, I still love Borough Market. And if you haven’t been before, shame on you! If you’re visiting London, it should be one of the first places you go. It really is wonderful. Just get there early!

If I can’t get to Borough Market early, I don’t…

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I am a Sicilian Chef in Somerset creating authentic Italian pizza.

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