Hen Party Chef

Hen Party Chef

Hen party chef Arancini
Arancini are great hen party Canapés

I work regularly as a Hen Party Chef. Hen Party groups contact me regularly to cater for hen nights or weekends. The bride to be and her friends come to the South West, where there are a lot of beautiful holiday lets in Bristol, Bath and Devon for a classy celebration.

You can book my services directly here, call Claire on 0756 555 2748 or via HungryChefs

Celebrate in style with a hen party chef

More and more hen party groups want to have a memorable occasion that allows them to celebrate in style. Often hen parties book luxury holiday apartments in Bath and Bristol and ask me to cater for them.  Groups are often multi-generational so a good meal and a hen party chef experience appeals to young and old.

Hen party canapés
Beetroot canapés

Good value

The cost of a hen party chef is great value for hen parties. By the time you have found a restaurant that will take a large party, booked the taxis, paid for your meal and drinks you will be spending a lot of money. As a  hen party chef , I consult with you on a bespoke menu to suit your dietary preferences and budget.  You can provide your own wine and cocktails and relax as I cook and clean up afterwards.

Sample Hen Party Chef’s Menu (£55 per head min. 6 covers)

Chef choices of 3 fish canapés per person
Sicilian style stuffed squid braised in a tomato and black olives sauce served with split peas purée and crispy courgettes
Salt cod mousse red pepper grilled polenta and chives oil

Sea bass and prawns ravioli in a mussels broth with sea beet
N’duia (Calabrian sausage) crusted monkfish, cannellini beans stew and tempura monkfish cheek.

Coffee and chocolate Mille-feuille hazelnut ice cream
Lemon and mascarpone cannoli with raspberry ice cream


Recipe: Salt Cod Crostini

Mantecato di baccalà Mantecato di baccalà

Mantecato di Baccalà

Serves 6 as a starter/12 – 18 cicchetti

Baccalà is dried salt cod soaked and infused until it becomes soft and flaky before being whisked into a cream with a slow trickle of olive oil.

Prep begins 2 days before you want to serve the crostini. Put your salt cod in a large container of cold water. Leave it to soak for at least 48 hours, changing the water as often as possible to remove the majority of the salt.


1kg salt cod
– soaked in frequently-changed water for 48 hours before preparation.

150 ml full fat milk
350 ml water
2 bay leaves
Sprig of thyme
4 whole black peppercorns
4 cloves of garlic, crushed
Juice of half a lemon
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
1 small white onion quartered
200ml of extra virgin olive oil.

Crostini – 2 – 3 per person.
To make uour own crostini, bake thin rounds of baguette (regular or sourdough) in the oven until crispy.


Put the water, milk, onions, garlic, bay leaves, thyme, peppercorns and rehydrated cod in a deep can. Ensure the cod is completely covered by the liquid.

Bring to boil over a moderate heat, simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and leave to infuse for 15 minutes.  Drain the cod reserving 2-4 tablespoons of the liquid for later use.

Clean the cod removing skin and any bones – the cod should flake and be nice and soft.

Put the cleaned cod in large bowl with the juice of half a lemon, a couple of tablespoons of the poaching liquid to loosen it up and add the chopped parsley.

Using an electric handwhisk (do not blend as the misture will lose texture and become like a paste) slowly add the oil as you would with mayonnaise. The fish will increase in size and become creamy and fluffy.

Season to taste with black pepper and salt if needed. Spread the Baccalà on warm crostini and serve with a thin wedge of lemon.

Salt Cod Heaven