Neve’s Bruschette

My very good friend Neve is a budding chef who loves to eat and cook food. She likes to make bruschette – especially for her dad to eat when he watches football. Today El Classico is on and she wants to make sure he gets enough calories and nutrients down him to get maximum enjoymentContinue reading “Neve’s Bruschette”

Sicilian Donkey Arancini – now available in Soho, W1

Out of our Housebites zone and keen to try our award-winning arancini for yourself?  Well now you can.  Along with my Calzone, vegeterian and meat pasties, carrot cake, espresso brownies and banana cake! Thirst Bar in Soho is a cocktail bar at night which literally pops up as a coffee shop by day.  Owner AlContinue reading “Sicilian Donkey Arancini – now available in Soho, W1”