Arancini – Sicilian street food

Sicilian Donkey is a catering business specialising in Sicilian cuisine. Chef Umberto Caltabiano offers his services in Bristol, Somerset, Devon and Wales as a personal chef, caterer, cooking teacher specialising in Italian food.  Businesses can also book him as a relief chef for businesses who want to employ temporary chefs directly.

Umberto grew up on the beautiful island of Sicily where he learned to cook with his mother and grandmother.  He has worked as a professional chef throughout Europe for over 18 years.  Sicilian food is totally unique. It is the product of a vast array of culinary influences, including Greek, Roman, Arab, Spanish and French cuisines.

Sicilian Donkey arancini are a big favourite with clients and Chef Umberto emerged as the victor in a head to head contest with Carluccio’s Caffe in which his arancini were proclaimed the #BestBalls!

You can follow the Donkey on Twitter  and Facebook. If you want to discuss availability and prices to cater event, employ Umberto as a relief chef or Personal chef or learn how to cook Italian food – please call Claire on 0756 555 2748.

Sicilian Donkey Arancini
Sicilian Donkey Arancini

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